The ordinary Annual General Meeting of Areos-Energie AG took place on 17th April 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, it was held virtually in the absence of the shareholders. Only Alfred Kronenberg, the Director of the Board, as well as Albert Engbers, the Managing Director and the Secretary, attended the Meeting.

The discussion topics were as follows:

1. The annual report from the President
2. Discharge to the present Board of Directors
3. Budget for the creation of the prototype VPA-2
4. Election of the new Board of Directors
5. Modification of the Statute for the change of domicile
6. Revision of the Statute for the publication of the Book of Effects

The votes (letters) were counted, as well as the main shareholder’s vote recorded for each item on the agenda. There were a few abstentions on individual points, no negative votes, so all items of the agenda were approved. The shareholders received the minutes of the meeting.


Listing of Areos shares with Six Swiss Exchange

With the amendment to the Articles of Association dated April 17, 2020, and the 2019 balance sheet, we meet the requirements to submit the listing application to the Six Swiss Exchange via ISP Securities AG ( We also meet the necessary criteria per the conditions imposed. We expect to have the listing by the end of May 2020. The shares can then be delivered electronically to the shareholder’s securities account via Euroclear at market prices (probably 1st price CHF 8.40 – 9.40).


Construction of the prototype

In the past weeks, there has been intensive preparation for the construction of the final prototype VPA-2. Areos commissioned an engineering office in Belgrade to prepare the detail plans (individual parts) for the concentrator. A considerable portion has already been completed. The decision to erect the prototype VPA-2 in North Macedonia was due to the geographical proximity to Professor Petrovic, who actively accompanies every step, as well as both cost-effective labour and affordable real estate prices.

Pumilia AG, a Swiss plant construction company, which has more than 35 years of experience in the planning and construction of large industrial plants, is our partner. Pumilia AG will be responsible for the detailed planning and execution of the steel construction, as well as for the turbine.

We anticipate the finalisation of the sketches and plans for the plant to be completed by mid-May 2020. After that, the concentrator will be produced immediately by Pumilia AG, as will the excavation for the heat storage and the laying of the foundations in North Macedonia by a designated construction company take place. Despite Covid-19 problems, this enables the completion of the prototype according to the business plan with only a slight delay in autumn 2020 (proof of concept).


Co-operation with partners

Areos-Energie AG and IPROconsult GmbH from Dresden have signed a joint venture contract to complete the implementation of the heat storage optimally.

Areos-Energie AG takes over the on-site part of the preparation. At the same time, IPROconsult GmbH brings in its enormous knowledge from the areas of planning and certification.

IPROconsult GmbH is a German engineering company for sustainable buildings, energy systems, infrastructure and environmental design.

For more than 70 years IPROconsult has been planning, designing, supervising and advising private and public clients in Germany and abroad. The general planner’s best-known reference worldwide is the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche Dresden.

Already in the 1990s, 3D planning, innovative methods of construction logistics and state-of-the-art energy and air conditioning concepts were implemented.

More information is available at


We are also proud to have won Pumilia AG from Wettingen / Switzerland for collaboration.

Pumilia AG has many years of experience in the field of plant engineering and unique structures. For Areos-Energie AG, the key to choosing this partner is competence in the area of pipeline and tank construction, as well as plant construction.

The fact that Pumilia AG has already played a leading role with many companies that are decisive for our solar system is essential for Areos.

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Zurich, 23rd April 2020