It entirely reinvents solar energy

With their “VPA-2”, Areos-Energie AG sets new standards in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and profitability in the world of solar energy.

The unique system completely reinvents solar energy and impresses with its unprecedented compactness and multifunctionality.

It is, therefore, not just the missing element in the energy transition but a sustainable investment with ethically clean returns for institutional and private investors.

Why is there no alternative to environmentally harmful energy?

Have you ever wondered why we as human beings still could not solve so many energy problems in the world?

Why are we still dependent on radioactive nuclear energy and toxic coal-fired power plants that endanger our health and the future of our planet?

Although we know renewable energies for decades?

There is no question that we need a global energy transition in the long term:

Away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy – towards renewable energies

But no matter whether wind power, solar energy, or hydropower, all models have had significant limitations so far:

  • They took up much space and were expensive to construct
  • Their use was one-sided and their yield inefficient
  • Previous systems could hardly store the generated energy

Solar Energy 2.0

The “VPA-2” stands out in all these points from previously known solutions. Instead of just collecting solar energy, this system focuses on one topic. There, unlike photovoltaics, it is stored in the form of thermal energy and is not converted directly into electric current.

Thanks to the patented storage system, the energy can then be stored with almost no loss for many months. The system can provide large amounts of energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The produced thermal energy can be used as electric power or for district heating (e.g. hot water) or cooling (e.g. cold stores), for desalination of seawater, or multiple other purposes.

It is how the solar energy of tomorrow works


Instead of merely collecting solar energy as with photovoltaics, the Sun’s rays are bundled here by four concentrators and converted into thermal energy.

Due to the high degree of utilisation of 81.2%, the entire system already manages with an area of ​​1 hectare.

Each aluminium mirror on the top of the concentrators can be individually controlled and moved. A computer program aligns the mirrors individually according to the Sun. In this way, solar energy is bundled, and the focal point is directed into heat storage. The energy is then preserved in thermal form.

Heat Storage

Due to the bundled solar energy, the heat storage heats up to 950°C.

There is a basalt stone fill inside the storage medium, which enables the storage capacity of up to 400 kWh/m³.

Due to the enormous surface structure of the heat storage mass (96 m² / m³), the collected heat can quickly be absorbed, but also instantly delivered if required.

The patented structure of the heat accumulator enables the thermal energy to be stored almost loss-free over many months.

Even after six months of unused, stored reserves, almost 90% of the accumulated energy is still available!

In the long term, the reserved energy can be called up at any time.

Since it is thermal energy, the uses – compared to conventional methods of energy generation – are incredibly versatile.

The energy stored there in the long term can then be called up at any time. Since it is thermal energy, the uses – compared to conventional methods of energy generation – are extremely versatile.


The conversion of thermal energy of the VPA-2 is manifold for a variety of applications

For example:

Electrical power

With the help of CHP (cogeneration of heat and power), turbines generate electricity. This process happens mainly with gas turbines, but in a secondary circuit also with steam turbines.

District heating (hot water)

The thermal energy may feed district heating networks via a piping system, mostly by transporting hot water.


Initially, in a refrigerator, the thermal energy cools the coolant to about 6 degrees. Then, the cooled water is fed into a cooling system.

Hydrogen production

The thermal energy generates hydrogen. This procedure can be done by utilising either electrolysis or a thermochemical process. Then, the produced hydrogen is liquified so that it is transportable.


For a concentrator located near the sea, the thermal energy desalinates seawater into high-quality drinking water. The remaining salt is available as a by-product in dried form as a marketable product.

Cement production

In the process of cement production, pre-shredded raw materials (limestone, clay, sand, and iron ore) are dried and ground together. This process requires temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius and, therefore, consumes large amounts of energy. This process causes enormous environmental pollution and waste of resources. A single VPA-2 can replace tons of oil and gas.

Mining cryptocurrencies

With a single unit VPA-2, an entire park of computers can operate 24/7, e.g. mining cryptocurrencies.


To be able to maintain greenhouses all year round, a VPA-2 with enlarged heat storage can be connected, thus ensuring efficient agricultural use 365 days a year.

Off-grid in the field of development aid

In regions with a missing or inadequate power supply, a VPA-2 can supply small municipalities directly without overhead line systems.

The unique technology enables the production of electricity 24/7.

Our Team

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    “The energy turnpoint is a matter of storage - we have the solution”

Alfred Kronenberg

Alfred Kronenberg is responsible for the financial, strategic, and general business areas of Areos-Energie AG.

He is a business economist and Swiss banker with over 40 years of experience in various management positions at international banks.

His core expertise is in the areas of “finance” and “investor relations”, for which he is also responsible at Areos.

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    ``The first base-load renewable energy on the world market``

Ivan Kokeza, M.Sc., MBA

Corporate executive and Board Director with 25 years business and leadership experience in Energy field. Ivan has been working in the two largest energy global organizations in a variety of corporate management roles and as an executive or consultant in few SMEs.

Directorships, Ex Board Members of 9 companies in US, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany and Serbia.

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    “We solve the energy problem sustainably for decades”

Prof. Dr. Vladan Petrović

Prof. Dr Vladan Petrović developed and patented the VPA-2 and was previously responsible for the construction of various pilot plants in which energy can be concentrated at high temperatures and stored for months.

He graduated in mechanical engineering and wrote his dissertation in 1978. For this thesis, he received his doctorate at the Technical University of Aachen. Today he holds an honorary professorship at the University of Belgrade. As a planning engineer in the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, he dealt with pipeline and power plant construction and is also a specialist in drying plant and boiler construction.

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    “Solar energy is the most efficient and sustainable energy source - our accumulator guarantees the best use“

Ralf Schulz

Ralf Schulz has been working in finance for more than 20 years. His in-depth knowledge and broad practical experience in combination with his strong communication skills qualify him to take care of our shareholders and investors.

Project Partnership

Local Partners

What does the VPA-2 do better than conventional solar energy systems?

High economy through:

  • efficient energy production,
  • almost lossless storage,
  • wide range of applications.

Minimal space requirement

We need only 8120 m² per 1 hectare for solar radiation per unit.

Ten times the area is required for the same amount of energy in photovoltaics.

Outstanding storage technology

At any time, the stored energy is accessible, regardless of weather, time of day, or current needs.

Modular design with extraordinarily high scaling potential

The design is inconspicuous and space-saving. Thanks to the efficient use of land, several systems can also operate in a confined space.

Low building costs and simple construction:

Each VPA-2 system is designed as a simple modular system that can be set up in a variety of terrains within a short time. As a result, construction costs are relatively low. Since the system mainly consists of inexpensive aluminium, the material costs are also affordable.

Hardly any need for maintenance

The construction of a few, simple components with some moving parts means high reliability, simple operation, and hardly any maintenance.
It means that every operator benefits from a VPA-2 system in the long term.

How efficient is VPA-2 technology?

You can also benefit from the numerous advantages of the VPA-2

Would you like to operate your own VPA-2 system?

A VPA-2 system generates an average energy output of 10,000 MWh per year on an area of just 1 hectare. (Depending on the number of hours of sunshine)

The thermal energy obtained in this way can be stored almost loss-free over many months and used for a variety of different purposes.

It provides independence, flexibility, and long-term crisis-proof, ecologically pure income.

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Are you looking for a long-term safe investment with an ethically clean return?

Several studies have shown that concentrated solar energy is to meet almost 25% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.

The VPA-2 system can achieve this goal much earlier. You, too, can benefit from this development!

Invest in the world’s most efficient renewable energy generation system – for a crisis-proof, ethically clean return.

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